4 Clips for Ms. S

4 Clips for Ms. S

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4 Clips (first picture and bottom 2 of the 2nd picture)


This clip works for everyone including for men's bun!  Dress up, dress down, for thick hair, for fine hair...many of our returning customers say it's fun to have many different colors and patterns so everyday wardrobe can look and feel different by only changing the hair clip.  


Vintage Silk Kimono Fabric is carefully applied to a sturdy metal clip.


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 Measurement: Length; 5 1/8 inches (130mm)


Please contact me directly for smaller clips.  I can make 4 1/4 inches (110mm) custom-made clips for you.


This product is not intended for children under 14 years of age.

Do Not Wash.

Do not wear it when you are doing physical moves involving activities.

Please be careful with the long metal clip, wear properly with caution.





Materials: kimono fabric, silk fabric, japanese textile, japanese kimono.

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